Fire alarm

Be the first to know The main function of a fire alarm system is to detect a fire as early as possible. Our expertise lies in the knowledge of the building code, the CBCS (Building Chapter Security Code) to which our institutional and commercial customers are often subject. We are also experts in understanding municipal …

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Did you know that it has never had so many cables as in the wireless age? Structured cabling is all the interconnections between the various sound, visual, computer, electronic, electro-mechanical security equipment and all the others through your home or your workplace in order to take full advantage of your devices. It is important to …

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At the cutting edge of technology When we think of multimedia, we think of interactive screens, computers and the mix of several media coming together in one. At LC Connect, we support your multimedia integration needs in several ways. In the school sector, we install Smart Board screens for the lucrative use of students in …

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Peace of mind and priority Being an entrepreneur in security is to ensure a primary need among its customers, a fundamental need! Both individuals and companies call on us to protect their human values ​​as well as their securities. Thanks to our expertise and our sharp recruitment, we offer you the cream of the building …

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Serving the Butterfly Effect As a source of communication, audio is one that awakens our senses a lot. As much for entertainment as for security, we have tailor-made solutions to help you. Like other types of communications, audio changes a lot over time and you have to adapt to be able to benefit as much …

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Guard call

Our Centerpiece One of our biggest competitive advantages is the expertise in on-call call systems. Our team is made up of experts in health call systems. In this area there are many different types of systems and apart from a few exceptions, we work on them all. Being a more than essential service in the …

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Electrical Panels

The distribution and protection of your electrical equipment The electrical panel is actually an electrical distribution board. Its function: to redirect the current entering your establishment to supply each electrical component or which requires electricity. The panel divides the power supply into branch circuits. There are also distribution tables. There is not really a difference …

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Mental Health Saint-Jérôme

In partnership with JCI and the CISSS des Laurentides, we are proud to participate in a project that serves the people of our community, in the Laurentians where our head office is located.


In proud partnership with JCI, our team is proud to participate in one of the largest real estate projects in North America, participating as an integrator of the on-call system for nursing care.