Project Manager

Supervise the tasks of installation teams, diagnose and find solutions to problems encountered in the field, carries out installations. It ensures that equipment department. Provides technical support to installation teams.

Main responsibilities and duties:

● On-site planning
○ Check daily site progress
○ Validate plans and ensure up-to-date versions
○ Meeting deadlines
○ Plan and ensure with the office the delivery of materials to the site in time
○ Respect plans (install equipment in the right place, etc.)
● Define expectations and structure project planning;
● Prepare, monitor and update schedules;
● Risk management (identification and anticipation);
● Be on the lookout for extras (proactive);
● Prepare invoices and follow them through to payment;
● Rigorously monitor the progress of project tasks and budgets;
● Maintain ongoing relations with customers;
● Prepare project progress reports;
● Manage contract teams;
● Analyze and understand plans and specifications for various projects;
● Carry out site visits.
● Technician scheduling

Skills required:

● Resourceful
● Respectful
● Honest
● Conscientious
● Demonstrating professionalism and leadership
● A perfectionist with an eye for detail
● Responsible
● Punctual
● Responsible and autonomous
● Working in a team
● Good physical condition
● Be able to solve problems
● Focus on customer satisfaction
● Organizational skills


● Driver's license
● ASP construction card
● Good knowledge of tools and how to use them
● Good knowledge of computers and electronics
● DEC in electrical engineering or related field;
● A minimum of 3 years job-related experience;
● Knowledge of the construction industry.