Electricity Primary energy

The energy of today and tomorrow

Today’s world would be nothing without this powerful and versatile source of energy, thanks to Thomas Edison! Electricity is quite simply the basis of our quality of life and the security of a tomorrow beyond our expectations. It can only be worked on by qualified people, offers a thousand and one possibilities and serves as a vector for improving our lifestyles.

Smart technology

The future of electricity follows the heart of our needs and can often even get ahead of our future needs. In our homes as much as in our places of work or gathering, so many new devices are emerging and connecting to the networks we use to help us save money, save time and increase our comfort and quality of life.

Building electricity

From new to renovation, by quickly taking the path of eco-construction, our teams make it their duty to build up your electrical networks and connect your components so that you can benefit from safe, energy-efficient buildings that meet all the standards of the Quebec electricity code!

From installation to consultation, including prevention, we are the professionals necessary to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Our sectors are mainly institutional, commercial and residential. In each of these areas the key words remain: safety, quality of life and energy saving.

Our departments at your service

We have a department dedicated to the fire alarm which takes care of our customers with all the conscience and the responsibility that is proffered to us. The installation and services team is made up of staff who will give you confidence and who will be able to keep you in the understanding of their expertise. Also comes with this great team, an estimation department which will be able to assist you in reaching your financial objectives and which will give a clear picture of all the potential that is within the reach of your precious investments.

Fire alarm

Electrical panel

Offered services

- Network connection
- Terminal for electric vehicles
- Low and medium voltage electrical connection
- Ground

- Conduct

- Lightening devices

- Electric heating

- Solar Pannel (à venir)

- Maintenance and upkeep of installations
- Failure diagnosis
- Inspection of electrical systems

- Network management

- Needs assessment

- Environmentally friendly disposal of used devices
- Budget proposal
- Flat rate proposal

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