Team Leader

Supervise the tasks of installation teams, diagnose and find solutions to problems encountered in the field, carries out installations. It ensures that equipment department. Provides technical support to installation teams.

Main responsibilities and duties:

● On-site planning
○ Check daily site progress
○ Validate plans and ensure up-to-date versions
○ Meeting deadlines
○ Plan and ensure with the office the delivery of materials to the site in time
○ Respect plans (install equipment in the right place, etc.)
● System programming and start-up.
○ Diagnose problems encountered on site
○ Modifications to existing systems
○ Test systems before and after each change
● Ensure that helpers and installers have clear objectives in mind reach
● End-of-project audit
○ Check wiring quality
○ Ensure that installers and helpers install all equipment correctly, in compliance with the specifications manufacturer's requirements and current standards.
○ Prepare verification reports for installed or modified systems
● Keep a minimum inventory in the truck ( Screws, anchors, drill bits etc... )
● Responsible for installer and assistant-installer tasks
● Anticipate and actively respond to customer needs and build a relationship of trust with the client and build a strong relationship with them.
● To be able to make basic service calls on the systems that we install.
● Manage helpers and installers sympathetically
● Respect the instructions of the operations teams
● Ensure that the team works safely and complies with quality rules requested by customers
● Take the time to listen and understand needs and concerns a sense of urgency and act diligently to ensure that the customer's needs are always met. offer service par excellence.
● Establish a personalized relationship with customers to anticipate their needs needs and adapt the service offering.
● Receives and resolves complaints to the customer's satisfaction and forwards them to the information for the implementation of corrective measures.
● Any other related tasks required by the company.

Skills required:

● Resourceful
● Respectful
● Honest
● Conscientious
● Demonstrating professionalism and leadership
● A perfectionist with an eye for detail
● Responsible
● Punctual
● Responsible and autonomous
● Working in a team
● Good physical condition
● Be able to solve problems
● Focus on customer satisfaction


● Driver's license
● ASP construction card
● Good knowledge of tools and how to use them
● Good knowledge of computers and electronics
● 3 to 5 years' experience as an installer or relevant job experience similar